Corey Brown

Corey Brown

Chief Instigator

Corey Brown’s expertise in designing, inventing, building, leading, founding and tweaking successful websites spans more than two decades and a host of site types, from publishing and e-commerce to social platforms and user-generated content.

As founder and CEO of No Treble, Corey built the most-read magazine for bassists, online or off. No Treble reaches 280,000 people a month and boasts more than 220,000 Facebook fans. Interviewers have tapped his knowledge in radio features like “Great Bass Lines And The Science That Makes Us Love Them.” He also oversees the website of the late, Grammy-winning bassist Jaco Pastorius, who is often referred to as the “Jimi Hendrix of bass.” Corey worked to completely revamp the Pastorius site and introduced new revenue streams, product design and development, e-commerce and social elements. Today, the Jaco Pastorius Facebook page has over 650,000 fans, routinely reaching 500,000+ with Facebook posts. His relationship with the site led to a connection with Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo, who produced the “JACO” documentary, which, with the help of the Jaco Pastorius website/social efforts, became the #1 best-selling documentary on Amazon on Black Friday 2015, and throughout Thanksgiving weekend.

Corey also co-founded and served as COO of the popular user-generated content platform, established in 2005 with best-selling author/speaker Seth Godin. Squidoo consistently ranked in the top 200 sites for traffic in the U.S, peaking at #35. HubPages acquired Squidoo in August, 2014.

Corey led Washington, D.C.-area web strategy, custom content, design and development firm Solutions Factory from 1998 until 2003. During his tenure as CEO, Solutions Factory worked with companies such as Raytheon, Time Warner Cable and Columbia Energy Group on a wide range of web-based initiatives. In the process, he created an entirely new sales and marketing channel and opened new revenue streams for Raytheon Marine.

Even during the go-nuts-now, make-money-later 1990’s, Corey remained on an even keel, running the highly profitable web division of Another Universe, and spearheading development and design on a contextual commerce platform. He also led business development on e-commerce partnerships with The Sci-Fi Channel, Marvel and Sony. Corey was one of the first to use Paul Graham’s Viaweb, and soon generated the highest sales of all Viaweb stores.

Additionally, being a community builder by nature, Corey consolidated a fragmented tech community in his former hometown of Winchester, Virginia, establishing both Bright Cowork and Refresh Winchester in 2009. He willingly shared his talents, leading Refresh talks on idea prototyping, building web traffic, usability testing and understanding Google Analytics.

As a guy who has stared at a computer screen for hours on end since the 1980s (first, a VIC-20), Corey keeps his eyes from crossing by goofing off with his daughters, playing bass and piano, writing music and tinkering with an idea list that gets longer every day.