Liz Hamilton

Liz Hamilton


Liz Hamilton has been designing for the web and print since 1998. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design she went on to work as an in-house designer in industries including advertising, corporate branding, music, hospitality, healthcare and higher education. Her job roles always had web involvement but her love for tangible product design kept her deeply immersed in print and branding. While working as Sr. Designer at Shenandoah University her projects covered mainly print marketing and brand representation but her sights were broadening. It was at this time that her interest in the web was sparked again along with a long held affinity for interactive design and user experience. Leaving to pursue her freelance career in design and photography led her down a winding and exciting path where she gained even better experience and exposure to the web community. She happily became a student of the web once again. With a new focus, resolve to see it through, and help from her many generous and supportive connections, she moved into designing almost exclusively for the web and hasn’t regretted it a day since.

In 2012 she began working at Squidoo taking on the role of Product Owner and Designer. Through this incredible experience she expanded her knowledge of how things function behind the scenes on the web. Working closely with the development team gave her a deeper understanding and appreciation of the backend, and working daily with their front end guru pushed her to explore the quickly evolving world of web design even more. Another part of her role at Squidoo was collaborating with the site’s ad partners, implementing and maintaining setup through Google’s DFP platform. While at Squidoo, Liz helped design digital experiences for the 82 million monthly visitors to the site.

In 2014, Liz was reunited with some of the team members from Squidoo to work on a project for Chico’s FAS and their other brands to create and implement an atomic design system. This project required a full web analysis, starting off with a site wide inventory which Liz conducted. Beginning with the largest brand, Chico’s, she collected all of the visual elements present on each page of the site and compiled them into a template inventory. She then used this work to organize a more granular version—based on the work of Brad Frost — breaking the elements into “atoms” and “molecules”. This interface inventory served as the roadmap for what would become the Flex Framework Design System. Chico’s official blog, Inside Chic, was launched in the summer of 2015. Liz’s work with Chico’s expanded to support the blog team as Photo Editor & Designer, working closely with the Director of Editorial Content. Together with a small team of writers, they deliver content that spans diverse interests, from style to food to travel.

When Liz isn’t working, she’s likely outside adventuring with her young son – riding bikes and creating sidewalk chalk masterpieces with him. Above all else, she enjoys creating a comfortable and comforting environment. Her favorite days involve plenty of cooking, music, and laughter. And more often than not, she has traces of paint or ink on her hands from a wacky new art project.