Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Front End Developer

Joshua Brown has always loved to draw. In high school, the margins of his history notes were filled with cartoons and doodles. He thought he could be the next Bill Watterson, but let’s be honest, there’s only one Bill Watterson. So he shifted gears and focused on music. Josh earned two music degrees as a bass trombonist. He’s performed all over North America and Europe with some fantastic musicians and thought he’d be the next Dave Taylor, but… well, you know the drill.

While attending graduate school, Josh was hit with a reality. At some point, he’d have to make a living playing a relatively obscure instrument. Looking for any advantage, he decided to learn HTML to market himself on the web. Before long, a table-based, pixel-shim-filled website was launched. Although it did help him land a few gigs and connect with potential students, did much more by providing him a springboard into the web world.

Josh’s initial web clients were decidedly music-centric. They included the International Trombone Association, Edwards Instruments, Getzen, Allied Supply, and Griego Mouthpieces. He still maintains many of these sites today.

Over time, Josh left his musical comfort zone and began working for a wide variety of clients, from non-profits to Las Vegas hotels. Some of those clients include, Fast Company, Network World, IDG, Demo, Climate Standards, The Blue Carbon Initiative, Chico’s, White House Black Market, and Soma. For many years, Josh was the front end developer for Squidoo, a user content-driven site that was the brainchild of Seth Godin. He still marvels at the things the small Squidoo team was able to accomplish.

Josh embraces responsive and atomic design, usability, and accessibility. His favorite tools are Jekyll, Sass, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, and expensive Adobe products. And he still doodles in the margins.

When not coding, Josh enjoys performing music, traveling, geeking out over Star Wars, meeting Noah when he gets home from school, and cracking up with his wife.